History Of Illinois

Illinois is a place that has a rich history. The place can teach a lot about American history as it is a place that has a lot of historical importance.

Top Attractions In Illinois

Illinois is a place that has a lot to offer. There are a lot of mesmerizing that will make you fall in love with it instantly. The place has everything and hence can cater to all kinds of audience.

We are absolutely sure about the fact that Illinois will definitely live up to your expectations. It is a place where you can have a memorable time with your loved ones.

Illinois is one of the most amazing places that have a lot of tourist attractions. Each and every spot is very unique, and you cannot afford to miss them.

If you are a person who loves library and museum Illinois is the ideal place for you. It is filled with a lot of museums and libraries that will be an absolute treat for you.

Illinois is very nature-friendly place. It has a lot of parks and gardens that can make you fall in love with them and get you a bit closer to nature.

Helping Children & Adults with Developmental Disabilities.

There are a lot of organizations in Illinois that are reaching out to people and helping them to make their lives better in every aspect.

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Interesting facts about Illinois

Illinois at night

One of the most popular states in the United States, Illinois has its’ share of interesting and amusing facts which we’re sure will surprise you! Here’s a list of all those facts which you need to know about Illinois:


Before Springfield, Illinois has had two other capital cities! Kaskaskia and Vandalia were the predecessors to the current Springfield.

Illinois literally translates into ‘ordinary speaker’ – it’s a word derived from the native Illiniwek people.

The most loved and tasty ice cream – the Sundae was invented right here, in Illinois! The rest of the world is indeed grateful to Illinois for this lip-smacking discovery!

Illinois is known to be the flattest state in the United States, so much so that it’s the highest point is just 1235 feet above sea level! The highest point is known as Charles Mound.

The flatness of the state had got it into trouble quite a few times before – during the floods, which washed away the state and lead to an outbreak of diseases here. Hydraulic jacks had to be used to raise the buildings which were stuck in the mud by at least six feet.

One of the tallest buildings in the world, the Willis Tower is located in Chicago, Illinois. It held the record of being the tallest int eh world until 2014.

Illinois at morning

Chicago, which is a city in Illinois is home to the largest bakery in the world. Any guessed for its size? 1,800,000 square feet! We’re sure this bakery must be churning out some of the tastiest stuff and that too in huge quantities!

Illinois has contributed many other things to the world too – take the word ‘Jazz’ – it was invented right here in Chicago!

The Chicago River is one of the few rives in the world which flows backward. It required the construction of three canals to ensure the flow reversed, and the river emptied out into the Mississippi instead of Lake Michigan!

Illinois is the sixth most populated state in the United States with Chicago being the most populated city in Illinois.

Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes of Northern America and is partly located in Illinois.

Agriculture holds great significance in Illinois’s economy – the loam here is in abundance and is ideally suited to grow many crops. Illinois is easily one of the most fertile lands in the United States.

The 10 best places to visit in Illinois


A popular tourist attraction in the United States, the state of Illinois is one important state in the country. And more importantly, it is on the bucket list of many travelers who visit the United States. So if you’re planning to head here, we’ve got a list of places you must visit while you’re tripping around in Illinois. Read on:

Anderson Japanese Gardens:
A systematically planned garden that is simply beautiful has to feature on your itinerary! It is undoubtedly the best Japanese garden in the United States and is a breathtaking masterpiece you have to witness.

Anderson Japanese Gardens

Burden Falls:
These tiered waterfalls are a famous destination not only in Illinois but in the entire United States. A 3.5-mile hike will bring you to the 20 feet waterfall, which keeps flowing magnificently for another 80 feet!

Shawnee National Forest:
The pride of Illinois, the Shawnee National Forest is one that is spread across acres and has some of the most stunning views which are sure to take your breath away. Perfect for hiking, and other activities too. Don’t miss out on the stunning Garden of Gods rock formation when you’re here.

Chicago Harbour Lighthouse:
Get the sailor-navigator feels as you head towards this stunning work of architecture. You won’t be given entry inside it though; it is still a fully functional lighthouse used for navigation to this day.

Cahokia Mounds:
An 800-year-old landmark, created by the Americans who resided here back then, there are 69 mounds here, all covered in grass – the tallest one being 100 feet!

Tunnel Hill State Trail:
A five-mile trail that passes through a number of tunnels makes this an exciting, unmissable trail when in Illinois. So if adventure is your thing, you need to head to this trail when you’re here!

Tunnel Hill State Trail


Holy Name Cathedral:
The only cathedral in Chicago, this is one place that has still retained its simplicity and sanctity despite being surrounded by high skyscrapers around it. Pay this place a visit for some peace of mind and also to observe the beautiful architecture of this cathedral.

A place which was once the residence of Abraham Lincoln, Springfield isn’t short of options for tourist sites. The Lincoln Home here, which is now a national historic state is a must visit – it was here Lincoln spent 17 years of his life.

Every architecture enthusiast must head here – it is named after a mineral that the Native Americans mined here and 85% of it is deemed to be a national historic district.


Lincoln’s New Salem:
Again, this place has been home to Abraham Lincoln – he resided here for six years, and this place is now a significant historical site in the United States.